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As the 2023 edition draws to a close, discover the week's highlights.

The ISO Annual Meeting recap

The ISO Annual Meeting was held 18-22 September 2023 in Brisbane, Australia.

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Hydrogen: Fuel of the future?

Beyond the metaverse: The future of virtual worlds

Overcoming barriers to reducing food loss and waste

Cybersecurity: Taking a proactive approach

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Resilience in an uncertain world

Stop & listen what customers need

Global trade

Hydrogen fuel of the future

Achieving our collective vision

Ready or not here comes AI

Intergenerational dialogue for innovation and change

Preserving paradise: climate adaptation for vulnerable islands

Overcoming barriers to reducing food loss & waste

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A record-breaking event in more ways than one.
Dispelling the fear and embracing the potential of artificial intelligence.
New York, United States / Geneva, Switzerland – 20 September 2023  The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) have signed a landmark Statement of Intent, signaling their commitment to the role of International Standards in addressing global …
A record-breaking 8 000 participants from 148 countries are expected to take part in the ISO Annual Meeting 2023, which is being hosted by Standards Australia.
Fighting corruption is key to global development. International Standards can help restore transparency. 
Small island nations face the brunt of the climate crisis. How do we protect paradise? 
From unknown power to trusted tool, building the future of AI is all about asking the right questions. 
The metaverse will be built by everyone, unleashing a new creative boon based on collaboration and standards.
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