Standardization in the field of specialty metals and minerals. It includes: terminology, classification, sampling, testing and chemical analysis methods, and delivery conditions.

A list of specialty metals and minerals is included as follows: antimony, beryllium, cobalt, chromium, graphite, niobium, platinum group metals.


  • Finished products;
  • Sustainability issues;
  • Mining, already covered by ISO/TC 82 “Mining”;
  • Elements already covered by existing ISO technical committees: ISO/TC 18 “Zinc and zinc alloys”, ISO/TC 20/SC 18 “Materials” (under ISO/TC 20 “Aircraft and space vehicles”), ISO/TC 26 “Copper and copper alloys”, ISO/TC 79 “Light metals” (aluminum, titanium, magnesium), ISO/TC 132 “Ferroalloys” (manganese, chrome in ferroalloys), ISO/TC 155 “Nickel and nickel alloys”, ISO/TC 183 “Copper, lead, zinc and nickel ores and concentrates”, ISO/TC 298 “Rare earth”, ISO/TC 333 “Lithium”.

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