Fasteners related to surgery, prosthetics and orthotics, consulte 11.040.40
Fasteners for aerospace construction, consulte 49.030
ICS Ámbito
21.060.01 Fasteners in general
21.060.10 Bolts, screws, studs
21.060.20 Nuts
21.060.30 Washers, locking elements
21.060.40 Rivets
21.060.50 Pins, nails
21.060.60 Rings, bushes, sleeves, collars
21.060.70 Clamps and staples
21.060.99 Other fasteners
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Norma o proyecto Etapa TC
Threaded fasteners — Axial load fatigue testing — Part 1: Test methods
95.99 ISO/TC 2

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