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Standards Norway (SN) is a private member organization with approx. 70 employees. The core activity is to develop standards based on market needs. Standards Norway has the copyright on publishing Norwegian Standards.

The organization is a non-profit organization, in the sense that all income will be returned to standardization work.

Each year, SN publishes about 1 200 new Norwegian Standards (NS), on the basis of national proposals and European and International Standards. The marketing and sales of Norwegian, international and foreign standards are carried out by a separate company, Standard Online AS, of which SN holds 80 % of the shares.

As a national member of ISO and the European Committee for Standardization (CEN), SN is responsible for Norwegian participation in European and global standardization work in all areas except telecommunication and the electrotechnical field. In Norway, over 2 000 voluntary experts from the business community, the public authorities, and employee and consumer organizations participate in this international standardization work. The voluntary input of resources is estimated to approximately CHF 27 mill.

Standards Norway

Lilleakerveien 2a
NO-NO-0283 Oslo

Tel.: +47 67 83 86 00
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