ISO/IEC 10025-3:1993
Information technology — Telecommunications and information exchange between systems — Transport conformance testing for the connection-mode transport protocol — Part 3: Transport Test Management Protocol specification
Reference number
ISO/IEC 10025-3:1993
Edición 1
ISO/IEC 10025-3:1993
Retirada (Edición 1, 1993)


Defines procedures for a single protocol for the transfer of data and control information from a lower tester to an upper tester as well as the structure and encoding of the test management protocol data units used for the transfer of data and control information. These procedures are defined in terms of the interactions between test management entities through the exchange of test management protocol data units and the interactions between a test management entity and the transport service provider through the exchange of transport service primitives.

Informaciones generales

  •  : Retirada
     : 1993-09
    : Retirada de la Norma Internacional [95.99]
  •  : 1
     : 42
  • ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 6
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