ISO/TS 15638-6:2013
Intelligent transport systems —- Framework for collaborative Telematics Applications for Regulated commercial freight Vehicles (TARV) — Part 6: Regulated applications
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ISO/TS 15638-6:2013
Edición 1
ISO/TS 15638-6:2013
Retirada (Edición 1, 2013)


ISO/TS 15638-6:2013 specifies the common roles and responsibilities of actors providing regulated application (4.47) systems which use TARV to provide regulated application services (4.48) for regulated commercial freight vehicles (4.49), and the interoperability of key operational steps and actions required to support all TARV regulated application service (4.48) systems.

ISO/TS 15638-6:2013 specifies the general conditions for data exchanges between an application service provider (4.7) and vehicle IVS (4.32), and from other ITS-stations (4.34) to the IVS of the regulated commercial freight vehicle (4.49), and specifies generic data concepts for identified services, but it does not define the detailed aspects of the application services (4.6) or their implementation, application specific aspects being defined in defined in ISO 15638-8 et sequential for each identified application service.

ISO/TS 15638-6:2013 addresses the general and common requirements for the provision of regulated application services (4.48) that require data in addition to, or instead of, basic vehicle data (4.16) and core application data (4.23) (application specific aspects being defined in defined in ISO 15638-8 et sequential for each identified application service).

ISO/TS 15638-6:2013 provides common aspects of specifications (4.55) for communications and data exchange aspects of identified application services (4.6) (as defined in defined in ISO 15638-8 et sequentia) that a regulator (4.50) may elect to require or support as an option, including:

a) high level definition of the service that a service provider (4.53) has to provide, (The service definition describes common service elements; but does not define the detail of how such an application service (4.6) is instantiated, not the acceptable value ranges of the data concepts defined)

b) means to realise the service

c) application data common to all parts as defined in defined in ISO 15638-8 et sequentia, naming content and quality that an IVS (4.32) has to deliver.

The definition of what comprises a ?regulated' service is regarded as an issue for national decision, and may vary from jurisdiction (4.38) to jurisdiction. This document does not impose any requirements on nations in respect of which services for regulated commercial freight vehicles jurisdictions will require, or support as an option, but provides standardised sets of requirements descriptions for identified services to enable consistent and cost efficient implementations where instantiated.

ISO 15638 has been developed for use in the context of regulated commercial freight vehicles [hereinafter referred to as ?regulated vehicles' (4.49)]. There is nothing, however, to prevent a jurisdiction extending or adapting the scope to include other types of regulated vehicles, as it deems appropriate.

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