Final Draft International Standard
ISO/DTS 7815-1
Intelligent transport systems — Telematics applications for regulated commercial freight vehicles (TARV) using ITS stations — Part 1: Secure vehicle interface framework and architecture
Reference number
ISO/DTS 7815-1
Edición 1
Final Draft
International Standard
ISO/DTS 7815-1
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This part of ISO 7815 provides the following for cooperative telematics applications for regulated commercial freight vehicles directly communicating via a ‘Secure Interface’ a) A framework for the provision of cooperative telematics application services for regulated commercial freight vehicles; b) A description of the concept of operation, regulatory aspects and options and the role models; c) A conceptual architecture using an on-board platform and wireless communications to a regulator or his agent; d) References for the key documents on which the architecture is based; e) Specification of the architecture) of the facilities layer; f) A taxonomy of the organisation of generic procedures; This part of ISO 7815* does not replace, but is complementary to, ISO 15638-1, and provides an alternative communication architecture to achieve similar service provision by means of a standardised ‘Secure Interface’.

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