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ISO 8256:2023
Plastics — Determination of tensile-impact strength
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ISO 8256:2023
Edición 3
International Standard
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ISO 8256:2023
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Publicado (Edición 3, 2023)

ISO 8256:2023

ISO 8256:2023
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1.1     This document specifies two methods (method A and method B) for the determination of the tensile-impact strength of plastics under defined conditions. The tests can be described as tensile tests at relatively high strain rates. These methods can be used for rigid materials (as defined in ISO 472), but are especially useful for materials too flexible or too thin to be tested with impact tests conforming to the ISO 179 series or ISO 180.

1.2     These methods are used for investigating the behaviour of specified specimens under specified impact velocities, and for estimating the brittleness or the toughness of specimens within the limitations inherent in the test conditions.

1.3     These methods are applicable both to specimens prepared from moulding materials and to specimens taken from finished or semi-finished products (for example mouldings, laminates, or extruded or cast sheets).

1.4     Results obtained by testing moulded specimens of different dimensions are not necessarily the same. Equally, it is possible that specimens cut from moulded products will not give the same results as specimens of the same dimensions moulded directly from the material. Test results obtained from specimens prepared from moulding compounds cannot be applied directly to mouldings of any given shape, because values may depend on the design of the moulding and the moulding conditions. Results obtained by method A and method B can or can not be comparable.

1.5     These methods are not suitable for use as a source of data for design calculations on components. Information on the typical behaviour of a material can be obtained, however, by testing different types of test specimen prepared under different conditions, and by testing at different temperatures. The two different methods are suitable for production control as well as for quality control.

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  •  : Publicado
     : 2023-11
    : Norma Internacional publicada [60.60]
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  • ISO/TC 61/SC 2
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