Higher gear for standards and fully networked cars

How can international standards provide even greater support to the global automotive industry for developing fully networked cars (FNC) integrated with intelligent transport systems (ITS)?

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This was the fundamental question explored at the 8th Fully Networked Car Workshop, held on 6 March 2013 at the Geneva International Motor Show, Switzerland.

Work paths were identified, such as the need for further safety standards in specific areas, as well as enhanced standards for traffic information. Additional areas for new standards are for vehicle-to-vehicle emergency communications and information security.

The workshop is an annual event organized by the World Standards Cooperation (WSC), a strategic partnership of the International Electrotechnical Committee (IEC), International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

Focusing on international standards and the development of vehicle connectivity, it attracted nearly 100 automotive experts and specialists from around the world.

Rob Steele, ISO Secretary-General, at the Fully Networked Car Workshop 2013, Geneva, Switzerland.

One of the opening addresses was given by Rob Steele, ISO Secretary-General, who encouraged participants to reflect on the recent changes in the global automotive industry and their implications for international standards needed for the development of vehicles integrated with ITS, adding: “For me, this workshop needs to be about people saying what they really think, and then following that with action… Let’s come up with something concrete that the industry really wants, and let’s make a commitment to really deliver it.”

Gabriel Barta, IEC Head of Technical Coordination

Introducing the workshop for the IEC, Gabriel Barta, Head of Technical Coordination, noted the progress already made in integrating the car into both the electrical and the information networks, but encouraged the experts present to initiate the standards they saw as most urgent, in areas such as active vehicle safety.

Reinhard Scholl, ITU Deputy to the Director

Reinhard Scholl, Deputy to the Director, Telecommunication Standardization Bureau, ITU-T, declared: "The merging of the ICT and automotive technologies is neither new nor unexpected. Indeed, ITS have been around for some decades but a lack of global standards have been a barrier to adoption. The good news is that we are finally seeing some progress via the Collaboration on ITS Communication Standard (CITS) which is driving the creation of an internationally accepted, globally harmonized set of ITS communication standards."

The workshop was moderated by Richard Parry-Jones, a former executive with the Ford Motor Company. He noted that while there is great understanding of the automotive space and a firm understanding of the information technology (IT) space, it is an ongoing effort to examine where these two industries intersect.

However, by identifying the most valuable opportunities for standardization at this intersection, the automotive sector could break through the barriers of competing forces and realize the true value of the fully networked car.

Through round-table panels and interactive discussions, the workshop helped foster a better understanding of the challenges the automotive sector has to face in the near future, and how international standards can be an essential support, as well as confirm and update the most important international standards priorities.

Dr. Matthias Klauda, Responsible for Bosch Automotive Systems Integration Corporate Department, in his presentation on vehicle connectivity, highlighted the IT security issue and aspects to tackle to protect the integrity and functionality of vehicle systems and the privacy of users.

Gerald Pöllmann, General Manager of Corporate Strategy, Advanced Technology and Diversified Industries of Magna Steyr Engineering AG, gave a briefing on developments that the workshop participants could expect to find in the motor show as a whole.

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