Norme internationale
ISO/TR 14292:2012
Informatique de santé — Dossiers de santé personnels — Définition, domaine d'application et contexte
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ISO/TR 14292:2012
Edition 1
Norme internationale
ISO/TR 14292:2012
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Publiée (Edition 1, 2012)

ISO/TR 14292:2012

ISO/TR 14292:2012
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This Technical Report defines a personal health record (PHR). This definition is intended to help clarify the

kinds of records that should be called PHRs, in recognition of the lack of consistency in how this term is

presently used. This Technical Report considers the PHR from the perspective of the personal information

contained within it and the core services needed to manage this information.

A PHR is not a singular entity; the concept encompasses a spectrum of possible information repositories

and services that meet different purposes consistent with the definition. This Technical Report therefore also

discusses the scope of the PHR in terms of this spectrum as a series of dimensions by which a PHR may

be classified and equivalent PHR products compared. It also includes one dimension to classify the kinds of

collaborative care PHRs provided by healthcare organizations.

This Technical Report also considers the wider context of engagement of individuals in the management of

their own health and healthcare, since this engagement is the primary driver for present-day growth of PHR

systems and services internationally.

This Technical Report includes:

— a definition of a PHR;

— a pragmatic multidimensional classification of PHRs;

— an overview of the possible ways in which the inclusion and engagement of individuals in managing their

health and healthcare impacts on the potential roles of the PHR, including scenarios for collaborative care

between individuals and healthcare organizations.

The many kinds of end-user application that might be implemented and used to deliver PHR system functionality

are outside the scope of this Technical Report.

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  •  : Publiée
     : 2012-03
    : Norme internationale publiée [60.60]
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  • ISO/TC 215
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