Fabrication additive — Données — Paquets de données pour pièces FA
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This document provides the methods, parameter sets and models to develop and utilize a data package for a part created using AM technologies (AM part). This document is scoped to the information requirements associated with workflow of the fabrication of an AM part, from design to acceptance. Peripheral information related to entities such as organization, facility, operator, security, and others is addressed for sake of completeness; but is not the focus of this document and can be defined elsewhere. This document provides the means to develop an organizational or application-specific data package for the communication between and amongst the designer, the manufacturer, and all acceptance authorities, among other potential stakeholders. This document does not impose a plan of execution to produce an AM part, though a digital thread is provided to establish a referenceable information workflow. The requirements set forth in this document are based on the fabrication of a part using the PBF-LB/M process. While specific details directly relate to PBF-LB/M, generalized workflow requirements can be related to any AM process.

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