ISO/FDIS 16571
ISO/FDIS 16571


Full revision of currently published 2014 version. Additionally, expand scope to include plume evacuation systems for endoscopic procedures (e.g. minimally invasive, laparoscopic). The scope is now the following: This Standard specifies requirements and guidelines for the design, manufacture, installation, function, performance, maintenance, servicing, documentation, testing, and commissioning of equipment for evacuation of plume generated by medical devices. It is applicable to: a) portable and mobile plume evacuation systems, b) local stationary plume evacuation systems, c) dedicated central pipeline systems for plume evacuation systems, and d) plume evacuation systems integrated into other equipment (e.g. laser equipment).

Informations générales 

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  •  : ISO/TC 121/SC 6 Systèmes d’alimentation en gaz médicaux
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    11.040.10 Matériel d'anesthésie, de réanimation et respiratoire

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