ISO/DIS 7581
ISO/DIS 7581

The document specifies the test conditions and the levels of activity with which non-porous surfaces shall comply in order to justify a claim of bactericidal activity. It defines a protocol to validate the bactericidal character of a surface and to measure its performance. It is not used to substantiate cleaning or disinfecting properties. Porous surfaces are excluded from the scope. Technical microbiological knowledge is required to apply this method. The document also specifies the terms and definitions used. It is applicable to surfaces claiming to perform an activity against vegetative bacteria. The compulsory test conditions will be defined in this document. The activity data can be completed with other strains using the experimental design described in this document, varying the conditions to meet the needs of the intended -practice application(s). It does not refer to methods for testing the toxicological and ecotoxicological properties of the surfaces. This document is used to measure bactericidal action, not bacteriostatic effects.

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  •  : ISO/TC 330 Surfaces aux propriétés biocides et antimicrobiennes
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    07.100.99 Autres normes relatives à la microbiologie

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