Norme internationale
IWA 37-1:2022
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IWA 37-1:2022
Edition 1
Norme internationale
IWA 37-1:2022
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Publiée (Edition 1, 2022)

IWA 37-1:2022

IWA 37-1:2022
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This document specifies a minimum level of protection and safety for buildings or parts thereof, which are used for the commercial cultivation, specific to processing of cannabis plants and cannabis products, and ancillary activities associated with cannabis plants and cannabis products.

This document specifies a minimum level of safety for the installation of devices, equipment, and systems used for cannabis cultivation, processing, and ancillary activities and addresses the risks of fire, electric shock, injury to persons, and explosion associated with these devices, equipment and systems.

This document includes minimum considerations for training of personnel and equipment maintenance.

This document specifies direction for the safe methods of extracting oil from cannabis plants, including but not limited to, initial extraction and post-processing refinement.

Where buildings or premises combine cultivation and processing of cannabis plants, including ancillary activities along with other operational activities, the requirements of this document are intended to apply to only that portion of the facility.

NOTE      In many cases, a building or facility can be used for both the cultivation of cannabis plants and processing of cannabis products, along with a retail store front, call centre, or office administration space. Where such joint use activities are present in a common building, it is possible that local building or fire codes can require the installation or extension of certain life safety systems, such as fire alarm and fire sprinklers.

This document does not address the following:

—    general building construction features that are normally a function of applicable codes;

—    premises used exclusively for operational activities such as office space, call centres, and retail outlets, used for the distribution, marketing, or sale of cannabis;

—    any use of the cannabis plant or cannabis products;

—    the physiological or other attributes or effects that can result from the use of this equipment;

—    the transportation of cannabis or cannabis related products;

—    occupational health and safety requirements governing cannabis workers and personnel except as specifically identified in this document;

—    security of the supply chain monitoring system, including cybersecurity and notifications;

—    outdoor grow area (including cannabis and industrial hemp).

NOTE 1   Shipping and receiving of products from the production facility for further distribution are not considered as a retail outlet.

NOTE 2   This document is not intended to apply to facilities that are used exclusively for operational activities such as selling, marketing, or other business administrative purposes. This can include but not be limited to, retail rental space, call centres, or other facilities that are not combined with cultivation and ancillary activities associated with the growing, processing, and storage of cannabis plants and cannabis products.

All requirements in this document are generic and intended to be applicable to all organizations in the cannabis supply chain, regardless of size and/or complexity.

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     : 2022-10
    : Norme internationale publiée [60.60]
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