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BSB was established in 2010 following the introduction of the Bhutan Standards Act of 7th July 2010. BSB is an autonomous organization to coordinate and oversee all standardization and related activities in Bhutan; and to foster and promote standards and standardization activities. These activities will assist in advancing the national economy, benefit public health, safety and welfare, assist and protect consumers, protect the natural environment, promote industrial efficiency and development, and facilitate domestic and international trade.
Standardization and conformity assessment play a major role in developing technology and its application, helping to stimulate the economy, productivity and competitiveness. BSB’s mission is to promote and provide market relevant standards, metrology and internationally recognized conformity assessment services for industry, commerce, government and society. Its core functions are:

  1. develop and adopt market relevant standards;

  2. operate and manage product and management systems certification;

  3. provide metrological and laboratory testing services;

  4. liaise with regional and international standards, accreditation, and certification bodies.

Bhutan Standards Bureau

The National Standards Body of Bhutan (BSB)
Rijug Lam
11001 Thimphu

Tel: +975 2 324105 / +975 2 325104
Fax: +975 2 323712 / +975 2 328298

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